Easily gather actionable customer feedback

Listen to your customers and get their opinions throughout the entire customer journey through real-time feedback.

How it works


Open Free account

Create a free account to get started


Create Survey

Create a survey and create question you'll like to get actionable feedback from


Share Code

Share survey Code with with your clients via their favorite platforms. You'll get all feedback in your dashboard.

Learn more about potential and existing customers

Better understand your consumers

Survey your target market to better understand their behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes.

Measure brand awareness and sentiment

Find out what people think about your brand and discover new growth opportunities.

Better connect with customers

Use feedback to tailor your communications, website experience, and campaigns.

Customer service

Improve your customer experience by assessing your customer service and call center effectiveness. Think of it as a electronic Suggestion box


How can my clients give me feedback?

Is Royce Survey free?

How will I access my Feedback ?

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